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Dedicated to my love, Nam Woohyun~


Happy birthday Woohyun

It’s already been your 23rd years in this Planet we called Earth

I remember the first time i saw you in Come Back Again

I clearly remember i chose you as my favorite

Well, not clearly bias but someone i called favorite member

Time passed so fast

You showed your voice a lot

And, you really did it

She’s  Back

Yeah, that song makes me in LOVE with you

I don’t know why but

I kinda lost it

My love

And, this is the part, Before The Dawn

I remembered i chose Hoya as my new bias

Not favorite but Bias

I need a long time to think about this, And

I don’t like to tell this, believe me

Until Nothing’s Over, i still hold on Hoya

But, suddenly, in Be Mine

I remember you

Remember you, My First Love in Infinite

I decided to move my heart again to you

I know! Damn! I know, i’m such a bad girl!

But, since that day, i never moved my heart again

Even for anyone, for any Infinite members

I love all of you, but my love for you, kinda seem special

Do you believe me if you asked me to choose, between you and a guy that i like in school, i’ll choose you?

You should know how much you make me happy

You’re the best main vocal

You’re greasy, but i miss you for that

You’re throw hearts king, and someday i’ll catch one of those hearts

You’re fanservice master, and that’s your main point

You’re prankster, Scary hyung, Age-breaker, Gyu’s other half, every fanfics’ bastard, and Annoying Little Tree

But, for all of those things, i fell for you, and i won’t change my heart

Please be healthy and keep lovable

Thank you for taking care of all Infinite members, and pounding Inspirit with all of your love

Take care of your health too, and We love You

사랑해, 남우현! 감기 조심하세요! Happy Twenty Tree Day!